Mamiya super 645 manual

Mamiya super manual

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Side Refine Panel. The 150mm is great for head shots and gives lovely background separation and bokeh but the 45/2. At this time used manual focus lenses for Mamiya 645 equipment are surprisingly affordable, at a small fraction of the cost of new or used autofocus versions of the same lenses - many excellent examples can be bought for under 0. I have since bought quite a few other medium format cameras, the Bronica SQ-Ai, Mamiya C330, Yashica Mat 124G – all square format – and I would like to think that my square composition skills have improved but whenever I want to shoot some 120 film my go-to camera is usually the MamiyaS. I searched the Internet for a manual winder or another motor.

What is Mamiya 645 pro TL? · The Mamiya m645 Super is a medium format SLR camera made in 1985 by Mamiya in Tokyo, Japan. Factory service manual and parts catalog.

I combed the &39;Net for this manual that does not exsist and came up empty handed. · All the other Mamiya&39;s get all the love. Next is the wind-on lever, which dominates the middle of the panel. 9 is manual focus. · I ended up buying a beat up Mamiya 645 Super instead. From top to bottom we have the prism finder ISO setting and on/off switch. Receive a high quality printed and bound manual in days. With finder off, or the AE prism switched off, you simply set the shutter speed dial and lens aperture to that of your meter (or guess!

The main difference with the Contax 645 camera setup is the lenses are autofocus where as the Mamiya Sekor 80mm f1. 8 LS D (short-telephoto / portrait), each of which enables flash sync speeds of up to 1/800th to 1/1600th of a second, depending on your choice of capture back. The slight negative points above really pale into insignificance for me when I scan in the negatives/slides that come out of this lovely, lovely camera. Mamiya 645 manual focus series The M645 (discontinued) was manufactured from 1975 to 1987 — the first model and the launch of the Mamiya 645 system The M645 1000S (discontinued) was manufactured from 1976 to 1990 — added a 1/1000 second shutter speed, self-timer and a depth-of-field preview lever. The two generations use different viewfinders, grips, and other accessories that are not always cross-compatible. · Re: Mamiya 645 pro digital mamiya super 645 manual back?

Manually turn the take-up spool until the START mark/arrows on the film aligns with the red STARTmark on the film holder. My first purchase was a prism finder followed by Mamiya’a AE (Auto Exposure) prism finder. 60x on the dial is the focal plane shutter flash sync setting and beside that is a red dot, which is used to set the camera to Aperture Priority mode when the metered finder is installed as pictured. · The range of lens designations is very similar to that provided for the earlier, manual-focus cameras (the Mamiya M645 and M645 Super/Pro series cameras).

These lenses feature a small metal tab on the aperture ring that couples with a pin beneath the Mamiya nameplate on the camera. That said I have shot this camera for years and to be hones. The buttons are all in the places you need them so you don’t need to take your eye from the finder. Here are the basic steps again: 1. Mamiya M645 Super Posted 10-9-&39;04 The next page contains information on this camera. Feels a little "plastic" cheap. mainly metal but not too heavy to carry around, especially with the 80mm f/2.

The M645 lens mount is a bayonet type that twists on to the camera. Doesn&39;t feel substantial like other Mamiya 645&39;s. Mamiya M 645 - System printed camera manual. One of the only negatives I can throw at the 1000S is the lack of an interchangeable film back. Like most manual lenses, Mamiya 645 35mm f/3. This is true for all lenses on the Mamiya 645 Super as it is a manual camera. Here’s what I cover in this article:. See more results.

The quality of the lenses are first class and compared to 35mm, the DoF and sharpness is gorgeous. Mamiya 645 manual focus cameras All seven of the manual-focus Mamiya 645 cameras can use the same lenses and film inserts (film spools). . ), and shoot as normal. I have since added the 150mm f/4 and the brilliant 45mm f/2. To aid focus camera has split prism focus screen installed as standard.

The ability to be able to turn the camera into portrait orientation and shoot easily gives more options. Here you can find a very. The camera is well built and solid. You see, I shoot quite a few landscapes and while the 80mm has generally worked fine for that, the extra field of view that the 45/2.

Mamiya RB-67 Lenses and Shutters Repair Manual. The gallery below describes the process for loading the camera with film. The small silver nubbin at the rear of the camera is one of two strap lugs, the other is on the right hand side. 8, which equates to a 50mm equivalent focal length on 35mm film.

If you aren&39;t completely happy just return the manual for a full refund. The battery&39;s all fresh and there is the signal light that shows me that the camera is receiving the signal. 100% guarantee on all orders. Mamiya-Sekor C 150mm f/3.

Whereas the M645 Super/Pro series cameras had polycarbonate bodies, the 645 AF series have aluminium bodies. Thank you again gentlemen. Factory service manual. With the door open, squeeze the buttons on both sides of “120” label, then pull out cassette. They were taken on a Mixture of ILFORD Delta 400 Professional, ILFORD HP5 PLUS, ILFORD FP4 PLUS, Kodak Ektar 100, Fuji Reala, Fuji Provia 100F (RDP III)and Fuji Velvia 100F (RVP100F). In fact I downloaded the 645 Super manual from Mamiya (PDF) prior to this posting and there was no info on the drive. 8 which is mamiya super 645 manual quite a compact lens. Click on an image to enlarge, then click on the navigation arrows / swipe, or use the cursor keys on your keyboard to navigate through the steps.

This camera has been developed through Mamiya’s expertise in the most advanced technologies and offers the quality of a large negative as well as the maneuverability and operating convenience normally found only in smaller cameras. The 645 PRO TL is the latest masterpiece in this series and Incorporates all the latest mechanical, electronic and optical advances. One is on the top right of the camera and one on the bottom left of the front of the camera. Reinstall the loaded film holder, making sure it clicks into place. A Mamiya M645: 0-0 A Mamiya RB67: 0-0. But everything was scattered all over the whole internet. The second button has a standard screw for a cable release.

The newer Mamiya 645 Pro does but the thing that drew me to the older 1000S was what to me is a superior build and feel, as opposed to the plastic feel of the Pro model. Mamiya M645 super instruction manual. The lens has an A-M switch on the side of the barrel (which controls auto/manual metering mode) as well as a meter coupling shoe sticking out next to the aperture ring. I bought the rapid winder used from Adorama and it works ok, it&39;s better than using the standard film advance, but the fact that one motion doesn&39;t advance it one frame is a drag. so I will try to collect everything and put it together to. org) I want to give a short overview of the Mamiya 645 system. The 645 aspect ratio also makes composition much easier for me. I own a Mamiya 645 Super with a Sekor 70mm leaf shutter lens, but I’m puzzled when trying to pair it with a strobe.

There were pros and cons with both cameras but I went for the MamiyaS mainly for the 1000/sec top shutter speed and to be honest I loved the look and feel, which is a big reason why I like to shoot with one camera over another. 0 out of 5 stars 1. Mamiya 645 AFD Instruction manual (6 pages). When doing so I’m setting the camera s/s to 1/8 or less, connecting one Pocket Wizard to the X Sync port on the lens and the other one on my Godox Ad 200. The prism finder makes it an easy camera to use for someone new to medium format, as the image is the correct way around just like an SLR.

The bayonet mount for the Pro-TL is the same for the entire 645 lineup so every manual focus Mamiya 645 lens can be used with 645 model. We explain the difference between the three dif. Click on any of the images to view them as full screen. Mamiya Press Super 23: Mamiya M645 repairs 20 pages (write to me). 5 N Manual Focus Telephoto Lens for Mamiya 645 Camera Mamiya Soft Case (Mamiya 6, 7 Lens, 645 PRO Body, RB/RZ Back, ZD, DM Digital Backs) 1.

8 LS D (normal) and Mamiya Sekor 110mm/f2. · This means if the mamiya lens can fit on the M645, M645 1000s, M645J, 645E, and 645 Super, it can fit on the 645 Pro. Page 2 Congratulations on your purchase of the Mamiya 645 PRO TL Mamiya pioneered the 6 x 4. 8 is probably my best addition so far. To do this set the shutter dial to the red dot between 1000/s and B, match the prism’s ISO to match your film, then switch the meter on. 5 has a DOF scale engraved on the barrel next to the aperture ring. . Moving down, the small red nib above the “M” on the silver camera label, is the battery check button.

No matter which one you decide works best for you, it will always be a great value. Using the waist level finder is great on the MamiyaS. To make the transition from film to digital easier, we are including this digital companion that mamiya super 645 manual explains all of the new indicators you will see on the mamiya super 645 manual LCDs of your Mamiya 645AFD. In reply to Italianswti • Yeah, the Ixpress 132C back for the 645 will work great. Mamiya C220 Repair Manual Mamiya Press Roll Film Holder - Model 2 Mamiya Seiko Shutter Type 791, 870 and B71: Mamiya Paramender Model 3. The camera allows the mounting of 120/220 film backs or several optional digital backs. Now here&39;s a group for the workhorse of the Mamiya line, the 645 in all its myriad forms, including the Phase One 645&39;s and the new Mamiya and PhaseOne 645DF&39;s.

When in aperture priority mode, shutter speeds are shown in the finder window. 5 × 116 mm, and the weight 895g. 9, the fastest medium format lens ever made. Mamiya 645 AFD Manuals & User Guides User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your Mamiya 645 AFD Digital Camera. The autofocus cousin is still made and sold to. On the right (not shown from this angle) is the lens mount release an delayed shutter release lever. The Mamiya M645 Super is the latest 6 x 4.

Using the waist level finder gives more of an old school medium format feel, and is is probably the most enjoyable way to shoot this camera – albeit in full manual mode but I am used to that with my Leica M2. It was designed to use the Mamiya 645 AF mount and is compatible with the M645 mount system. If the image below looks like your camera. The left side of the camera has the lens release button (middle left), delayed shutter release and shutter speed dial. Although the first models of Mamiya 645 medium format cameras were created in the 1970s, the Mamiya 645 family of products is still used in medium format still life photography.

Mamiya super 645 manual

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